HWF 3: fan heater, workshop heater type TEA

RAL 9016, IP44 classification, suitable for industry and shipping
Capacity: 2/3kW-230V, with thermostat control (0-40 °C)
Capacity: 5 kW – 3x400V, with thermostat control (0-40 °C)
Various models available from stock, see attachment


Electric airblow heaters, fan heaters, finned tube heaters and convection heaters can be delivered and supplied in various models of various brands, according to a standard range, or modified and made suitable for your desired application, including other power supply voltages. Fan heaters, standard equipped with temperature control and protection. Various models with DNV certification. Painted steel or stainless steel models.

Eurom: Robust workshop fan heater with thermostat control, 2 – 15 kW
TEA / TEA 2: Robust workshop fan heater with thermostat control, 2 – 40 kW
AER: Robust ventilation heater with electronic temperature control, 3 – 27 kW
Telco: Wall convector heater, Marine heater (DNV) 250 – 2000W
Power supply: Up to 3x690V
Optional: With a suspension bracket (various models are standard delivered with a suspension bracket)
Application: Space heating, work shops etc.