Production of all shapes,
size and power.
Advice and design
based on your wishes
The best quality for
professional applications.

The warmth of Jac. de Vries Gesta B.V.

The company Jac. de Vries Gesta B.V. originated in 1937, and has been known for over 80 years as a specialist and manufacturer in electrical heating elements.
We supply to various application areas such as shipping, yacht building, catering and (food) industry, etc.

Any product custom and as desired

Jac. de Vries Gesta B.V. thinks along with the customer. Because the heating elements always have to be further processed into the end products, there are always specific wishes and specifications.

Whether the elements are installed in a freighter, industrial application or within a professional kitchen installation, the people at Jac. de Vries Gesta B.V. always ask further to arrive at a complete solution. In addition, Jac. de Vries GESTA uses special software and each product is custom designed and produced if necessary.

A unique method

We only use the best materials and apply the latest techniques. In our factory, an enthusiastic group of about 20 craftsmen has the responsibility and dedication to produce everything flawlessly.

We are well aware that an electric heating element is not the final product. Our customers must score by using our products. Only the best quality and reliability is therefore good enough!

A solution for all heat issues

If the cabins on a ship, the liquid in an industrial process, boiler or tank, or the air temperature in a factory is a heat issue, we are happy to think along with you. Our expertise and your insight and professional knowledge combine into solutions.

Your partner in heating elements

All products that Jac. de Vries Gesta B.V. are selected and manufactured with the greatest care in order to guarantee the quality of our products. All heating elements are supplied in accordance with the EN 60335-1 standard and under the Koninklijke Metaalunie conditions. After all, our quality is also your quality. If, despite our quality checks, there are defects or problems, you can count on a thorough and fast service with a good guarantee scheme.

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