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Jac. de Vries Gesta, your trusted address since 1937!

The origin of Jac. de Vries Gesta was founded in 1937, when the Sterringa brothers started the company under the name GESTA. This all happened from a building on the Dorpsstraat in South Scharwoude. Activities at the time were installing and making street lighting, cable work, sports field lighting installation work, etc.

When there was a demand for heating elements and pipe elements at that time, the element factory was added.
In addition to the tube elements, products such as air heaters, ovens, sterilizers, instantaneous water heaters, immersion elements, heaters, etc. were also made over the years.
If there was a question, Gesta tried to come up with a solution. In the 1980s, Jac. de Vries Infraroodtechniek has become a major customer of Gesta, and Jac. de Vries took over Gesta from the Sterringa brothers in 1994, and to the group Jac. de Vries Beheer added.

Moved to Medemblik

In 1995 the company moved Jac. de Vries Gesta to Middenbeemster next to Jac. de Vries electrical engineering and close to Jac. de Vries Infrared technology in a new building. Here the company could better meet the demand for professional solutions, and was closer to the other sister companies. In 2021 Jac. de Vries Gesta moved to Medemblik and is no longer part of the Jac. de Vries holding. Jac. de Vries Gesta further expanded in all those years the name into a renowned player in the market, and many heating elements and related equipment found their way to customers in the industry, food industry, shipping, air treatment industry, etc.

Reliable and targeted

Over the years, Jac. de Vries Gesta has developed into a reliable supplier and partner of high-quality products, which have been developed in accordance with the end user for optimal and safe use. We can also supply our products in large and small numbers, possibly custom-made with or without regulation, we can make repairs and modifications to existing equipment to make it suitable for the customer’s wishes.

The mutual exchange of knowledge and experience stimulates and guarantees top service, expertise and innovative strength.

For years, our motto has still been:

“Problems don’t exist, solutions do.”