Digital controller 0-30°C. type EKR 15.1P (27 kW)

Suitable for proportional control of ohmic charges, such as air heaters, etc.
Input by 0-10Vdc signal, external temperature sensor, control by (external) setting
Type EKR 15.1P : suitable for up to 27 kW – 3x400V


Temperature controls can be offered in various ways, usually we install a maximum temperature protection by means of a capillary thermostat with automatic reset and/or manual reset. A bi-metal thermostat can also be used (Klixon). This is the simplest security. This automatic reset usually has a switching range of 5-10°C.

If you want a finer control with a smaller switching range and a finer control, this can be done with a proportional control or thyristor control with a temperature sensor or with a 0-10V signal. For this we have various types of sensors such as PT-100, Thermocouples type J-K, etc. We also have several types of controllers in the program for built-in or external.

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