ISE 14: screw-in element, stainless steel 1’’ BSPT 200W-230V with thermostat

Stainless steel plug 1″BSPT, Stainless steel housing 80x80x90mm
IP65 with cable gland and control thermostat 0-90°C
Industrial robust execution


Screw-in immersion elements with cartridge heaters are specially developed and manufactured for heating oil, water, water-glycol, oil, etc.
Capacity, model and surface pressure adaptable according to our expert knowledge and capabilities.

Cartridge heaters: Ø 8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 mm
Screw-in plug: Brass or stainless steel ½”- 2½” BSP/BSPT
Power supply: 12-400V
Optional: Stainless steel, aluminium or painted connection box, thermostats and/or temperature control
Application: fluid heating, hospitality industry and industrial applications.

Immersion heating elements: INSCHROEFELEMENTEN 2021 D