ELE 12: ceramic heating element, round (Steatite)

Ceramic round Steatite elements suitable for immersion pipes to heat up liquids such as water, oil and thermal oil
Elements made of Steatite stacks, Ø26, 32, 36 or 45mm including head and end stones, custom built
Capacity and voltage at desired specification



Round ceramic elements are used for indirect heating of liquids as water, oil products, furnaces and machines
Ceramic elements are mainly used in vessels and tubes in which the ceramic element can be placed. The advantage is that the ceramic element can be replaced without having to empty the entire vessel
Ceramic elements are also a perfect solution for heating oil and bitumen, and can withstand high temperatures and indirectly heat the medium in a safe way 

Dimensions: Ø26, Ø32, Ø36, Ø45, Ø54mm, stacking stones approx. 50 mm, made to measure
Material: Ceramic Steatite stones, 6-12 grooves
Power supply: Up to 690V
Connections: M4-M5 threaded pin, connecting wires
Applications: Industry, catering, industrial kitchens, etc.

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