KOH 2: duct heater, air heater type insert

To be built-in, entirely made with galvanized or 304/316 stainless steel, with temperature protection
Capacity, power supply, dimensions, elements at desired specification
Optional: with control thermostat, proportional control, flow monitoring application: channel heating, HVAC, air treatment


Air heaters, duct heaters or reheaters, suitable for channel heating, can be supplied in Round, Rectangular or Insert models, according to standard range measurements or made-to-measure, using either galvanized steel, painted steel or stainless steel.

Round (OMH): starting from Ø80mm, made-to-measure, or standard galvanised Ø100-400mm
Rectangular (KIH): made-to-measure or standard range measurements, galvanised
Insert (KOH): made-to-measure
Power supply: up to 690V
Safety mechanism: standard temperature safety mechanism and/or thermostats
Optional: (Proportional) control, relay, flow monitoring, IP65 rating, suitable for pressure systems or ATEX.
Application: Channel heating, air treatment, HVAC installations and space heating