OMH 9: duct heater stainless steel JACOB tube

AISI 304 or 316L material, size Ø100- ± 630mm optional with suitable quick connect clamps and gaskets
Capacity, power supply and control 0-10Vdc according to desired specifications, optional with flow control
Application: air treatment, channel heating clean air with thyristor control
Model: 6kW-3x400V, Ø250x500mm

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Air heaters, duct heaters or re-heaters, suitable for channel heating, can be supplied in Round, Rectangular or Insert models, according to standard range measurements or made-to-measure, using either galvanized steel, painted steel or stainless steel.

Round (OMH): starting from Ø100mm, made-to-measure, or standard galvanised Ø100-400mm
Rectangular (KIH): made-to-measure or standard range measurements, galvanised
Insert (KOH): made-to-measure
Power supply: up to 690V
Safety mechanism: standard temperature safety mechanism and/or thermostats
Optional: (Proportional) control, relay, flow monitoring, IP65 rating, suitable for pressure systems or ATEX.
Application: Channel heating, air treatment, HVAC installations and space heating