The NIBE ELK 213 is an externally placed electric heating element for indirect heating of a NIBE SP 300 boiler with a double jacket on the central heating side.


Electric boilers from NIBE can be supplied as standard version or modified and made suitable for other connection voltages. The NIBE boiler vessels, directly or indirectly heated, are suitable for drinking water and shower systems for shipping and marine applications. We can provide Nibe boilers with high-quality copper elements, very robust design, optionally including a mounting flange set. (Article 102005)

 Type ELK 213 Power supply Capacity WeightArticle
 Basic version3 x 400V / 50Hz (with N)13 kW18 kg102004
 Conversation ELK 2133 x 208V / 60Hz (without N)13 kW102064
 Conversation ELK 2133 x 380V / 50Hz (without N)13 kW102856
 Conversation ELK 2133 x 400V / 50Hz (without N)13 kW104833
 Conversation ELK 2133 x 440V / 60Hz (without N)13 kW101841
 Conversation ELK 2133 x 480V / 60Hz (without N)13 kW102002

Other executions on request.