NIBE ES Electric boiler

The NIBE ES series is available in 3 versions. The robust boilers have easily accessible connections and are installed vertically (standing). The boilers have an outer jacket made of robust hard plastic and a steel boiler vessel with a corrosion-resistant copper inner lining. To minimize heat loss, the NIBE ES boilers are efficiently insulated.



Electric boilers from NIBE can be supplied as standard version or modified and made suitable for other connection voltages. The NIBE boiler vessels, directly or indirectly heated, are suitable for drinking water and shower systems for shipping and marine applications.

 Type ES Voltage  CapacityWeightArticle
 ES 160-160 ltr.3 x 440V / 60Hz (without N)  4,5 kW55 kg101786
 ES 160-160 ltr.3 x 400V / 50Hz (without N)  6,0 kW55 kg104789
 ES 210-200 ltr.3 x 400V / 60Hz (without N)  6,0 kW70 kg104155
 ES 210-200 ltr.3 x 400V / 50Hz (without N)  9,0 kW70 kg102598
 ES 210-200 ltr.3 x 440V / 60Hz (without N)11,0 kW70 kg100759
 ES 300-270 ltr.3 x 400V / 50Hz (without N)  6,0 kW85 kg101902
 ES 300-270 ltr.3 x 440V / 60Hz (without N)12,0 kW85 kg104412
 ES 300-270 ltr.3 x 440V / 60Hz (without N)15,0 kW85 kg101550

Other executions on request.