REG 1: digital control cabinet 100kW with PLC temperature control (6 stages)

Control cabinet with Siemens PLC, very fine adjustable in 6 stages
 Input via 0-10Vdc signal, external temperature sensors, digital reading etc.
Customized to your specification with extended temperature control and security
Suitable for proportional control of ohmic load such as air heaters, flow-through devices, tank heating etc.


 Products are specially developed, manufactured and maintained with our expertise in cooperation with the client.

 Temperature controls can be provided and delivered in a variety of ways. Maximum security is installed as a rule, and temperature control can be provided (optional). A simple solution is a capillary thermostat or, if a sensitive or proportional control is desired, one may choose for a 0-10Vdc control with temperature sensors, PLC control etc.

 Ask us about the various possibilities.