FPE 1: flange heater NW100 EN1092-1 (DIN2527)

Flange plates can be made of stainless steel DN25-300, equipped with stainless steel 316L tube elements, with aluminium or stainless steel connection box IP65
Power according to your specification and possibilities, optional with temperature control (thermostats or thristor control)
Appilcations: tank heating, proces heating liquids and oil


Flange heaters, tank heaters or flange plate elements specially developed and manufactured to your specification for the heating of liquids, for example, in tanks as water, water-glycol, oil etc. Power, executed and surface load based on your specification, our expertise and capabilities. Optional with control cabinet, suitable for thyristor control.

Tubes, heating elements: Ø8,5mm – Ø16mm, material AISI 316L, INC 800, INC 825 and Copper, up to ±6Mtr.
Flange: AISI 304/316L EN1092-1, ASME, copper or steel specially designed
Regulation: built in thermostat, or optional with control cabinet and thyristor control
Power supply: up to 690V
Optional: standard temperature safety mechanism and/or thermostats, proportional control, IP65 rating
• Applications : Tank heating, Proces heating