Silicone mat cabinet heating

Silicone Mat cabinet heater with cast-in klixon for automatic temperature control, self-adhesive, IP 67, easy mounting, robust and durable.
Article: 112731

Dimensions: 180x85x29 mm
Material: OHMMAT with aluminium block and isolation foam
Capacity – Power supply: 100W-230V, cable 500mm
Temperature control: Klixon, cast-in Limiter 25°C- open 15°C(auto)
Applications: Cabinet heating, anti condensation heating, frost-free terminal box


A cabinet heater specially developed for anti-condensation heating in terminal boxes, etc., with IP65 classification.
We are Ohmvo dealer in the Benelux, and can supply these Ohmvo silicone heating mats, drum heating or dish heating.