Heated eye- and face-wash unit, outside stainless steel set up.

Specially designed for flushing eyes and face in the event of an emergency, using heated water (± 28 °C), for emergency situations in accordance with ANSI Z358.1
Stainless steel 304 housing, equipped with electronically controlled flow device 18kW – 3x400V+N including various safety devices


The heated eye and face wash has been specially designed for emergency situations where people may come into contact with aggressive chemicals in the field of vision and rinse with sufficiently heated water. The unit must be placed in the immediate vicinity of a risk location and must be able to supply sufficient water in the event of calamities.
· Recommended water temperature   : between 15°C and 37°C.
· Water quality                              : Normal drinking water or similar. (Minimum 6 Ltr. / min.)

Equipped with a stainless steel Haws AXION MSR eye and facial flushing station mounted on a robust stainless steel insulated housing, containing an electronically controlled flow device. The unit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation and provides heated water at all times.
There is no water supply which is continuously heated. However, the unit must be flushed weekly to minimize operational reliability and the risk of legionella.
Also equipped with a minimum pressure protection, 3-phase voltage monitoring relay, cabinet heating and earth leakage circuit breaker.
The housing is fully insulated and equipped with a cabinet heater that protects the installation against freezing. A trace heating can be connected if necessary to protect the water supply line against freezing.

The eye wash is connected to a 15mm drinking water pipe on the water side at the bottom.
Minimum water pressure 2 Bar.
Insulate the water pipe for outdoor installation with trace heating for frost protection.

Electric: The eye wash must be electrically connected to a 25A-3x400V+N+PE power supply. Equipped with a main switch, underpressure protection, 3-phase voltage monitoring relay, cabinet heating and earth leakage circuit breaker.

Protections: The eye wash is equipped with a water pressure monitor. The minimum water pressure is 0.6 bar. If this pressure is not present, the red fault lamp will illuminate. A phase monitoring relay is also installed that monitors both the presence of the phases and the phase sequence. If one of the phases is missing or the phase sequence is not correct, the red fault lamp will light up.

Characteristics: The Haws AXION MSR nozzle complies with EN15154-1-2006 and ANSI Z358.1-2009 standard. The eye and face wash is CE marked. Simple operation, always standby.

Technical data:

Manufacturer: Jac. de Vries Gesta B.V.
Type: DSAW JDV-7
Connection voltage: 3x400V+N+PE/ 50Hz
Power consumption: 18 kW
Dimensions: ± 1200x550x270mm(hxwxd)
Minimum water pressure: 2 Bar
Water use: 9 Ltr. / min
Protection class: IP 65
Housing material: Stainless steel-304

Optionally provided with potential-free fault contact for external fault signalling