ELE 5: heating element cold technique (refrigeration)

Tube Ø8.5 or 8x8mm element at customer’s desired specification, with wires and crimped sleeves, IP65
Material        : 316L stainless steel
Applications : evaporators, anti-condensation heating


Heating elements or tube elements can be delivered in any number, standard models or custom made models.

Dimensions: Ø 6,5, 8,0, 8,5, 10mm, • square 7 of 8 mm • flat oval 5×12, 6 x 16, 8 x 20 mm
Material: Stainless steel: 302B, 304L, 316L of 321, INC 800, INC 825, nickel plated copper or steel
Connection voltage: up to 690V
Connections: M4 thread, Faston connection, cable loop, etc. Optional threaded/clamp nipple
Application: air treatment, fluid heating, nozzle heating, hospitality industry and industrial applications