ISE 11: screw-in heater G2’’ BSP, with thermostat, IP65

Low watt density type, brass or stainless steel plug 2” BSP, aluminium painted box 120x120x100 mm
Size and capacity according to desired specification, tube element: stainless steel 316/INC 800/INC 825/copper
Classification IP65. Optional: with thermostat
Application: several oil types, liquid heating with low watt density


Screw-in immersion heating elements are available in a standard range (plug 1½” G), or specially developed and manufactured for heating water, water-glycol, oil, etc. Capacity, model (up to approx. 4″) and surface pressure adaptable according to our expert knowledge and capabilities.

Tube Elements: Ø 8,5 mm • RVS316L, INC800, INC825, koper
Screw-in plug: Brass or stainless steel ½”- 2½” BSP/BSPT
Power supply: up to 690V
Connections: M4 set screw, cable loop, etc.
Optional: Stainless steel, aluminium or painted connection box, thermostats and/or temperature control
Application: fluid heating, hospitality industry and industrial applications.