ISE 4: screw-in element with stainless steel cap

Standard srew-in heating element brass plug G1½”BSP provided with stainless steel cap
Capacity: 2/3/4,5/5/ 6/ 7,5 en 9 kW- 230/400V


Screw-in immersion heating elements are available in a standard range (plug 1½” G), or specially developed and manufactured for heating water, water-glycol, oil, etc. Capacity, model (up to approx. 4″) and surface pressure adaptable according to our expert knowledge and capabilities.

Tube Elements: Ø 8,5 mm • RVS316L, INC800, INC825, koper
Screw-in plug: Brass or stainless steel ½”- 2½” BSP/BSPT
Power supply: up to 690V
Connections: M4 set screw, cable loop, etc.
Optional: Stainless steel, aluminium or painted connection box, thermostats and/or temperature control
Application: fluid heating, hospitality industry and industrial applications.

Overview immersion heating elements: INSCHROEFELEMENTEN 2019