ISE 1: screw-in immersion heater G1½” brass plug

Available from stock, standard range with brass plug G1½” BSP and tube element INC 825
Capacity: 2/3/4.5/5/6/7.5 and 9 kW – 230/400V, with sensor tube
Applications: heating normal water, water/glycol


Screw-in immersion heating elements are available in a standard range as below:

CapacityPower supply Insertion lengthWatt densityPlugPlug dimensionSensor tubeElement tubeArticle code
2,0 kW 230/400 V250 mm5,8 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825111375
3,0 kW 230/400 V250 mm8,8 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825111376
4,5 kW 3×400 V360 mm9,2 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825101599
5,0 kW 3×400 V460 mm7,7 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825103160
6,0 kW 3×400 V425 mm9,7 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825103853
7,5 kW 3×400 V520 mm10 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825103870
7,5 kW 3×400 V700 mm7,4W/cm²Messing G1½”BSP JINC 825100868
9,0 kW 3×400 V470 mm13 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825102712
9,0 kW 3×400 V600 mm10,3 W/cm²Messing G1½”BSPJINC 825 104555

Other capacities, power supply and bigger quantities on request                                                                                                                                                                        Subject to changes

Watt density: Water 5-10W/cm²  –  Running water 7-13 W/cm²  –  Oil 0,8-4 W/cm²
Connections: M4 thread, wires etc.
Optional: Stainless steel, aluminium of painted housing, thermostats and control
Applications: Liquid heating

A screw-in immersion heater is made up of 3 parts; heating elements(closed tube elements), screw-in plug and optionally with a connection box.
The heating elements are placed directly in the liquid for optimum heat transfer.
The screw-in elements can also be specially manufactured to specification for heating water, water-glycol, oil, etc.
Maximum surface load or Watt density depends on the medium.