DSA 2, circulation heater Stainless steel 9-100 kW

Stainless steel 304 / 316L model, suitable for horizontal use, size tank:  Ø273-356 mm
Capacity, connections, control, etc., to desired specification
Optional: thermostats, PT-100 sensor, proportional control.
Applications: normal water, water/glycol or oil


Electric flow devices, circulation heaters are specially developed, modified and manufactured according to your desired needs and specifications; suitable for heating water, water-glycol, oil, etc.
Power and surface pressure are adaptable based on our expertise and capabilities.

Dimensions: various standard models or at desired specification
Material: stainless steel housing: 304/316L • Boilers: copper or stainless steel cocoon with insulation
Power supply: up to 600V
Elements: copper tube elements, stainless steel 316L, INC800, INC825
Optional: Stainless steel, or painted connection box, thermostats and/or (PLC, proportional) temperature control
Application: Food industry, shipping and offshore, industrial applications